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call: 856 – 448 – 3941

twitter: @djshirty

instagram: shirtymusic

I’m also available to chat in person upstairs at 619 South College Avenue, Fort Collins most afternoons.

Shirty Mastering was founded by Josh Shirt and is located on The Music District campus.

Josh Shirt is a mastering engineer, professional recording artist and music producer with over 15 years studio experience, working extensively in the realm of voice recording and music production, as well as radio jingle recording and production, club DJing, and live music engineering.

Josh is an expert at taking vague ideas and turning them into fully produced and mastered tracks. His in-depth knowledge of audio production means he can help artists focus on where and how to improve their sound.

Originally from the UK, Josh has had his music blogged, played on BBC Radio and used on numerous commercials. In 2016 UK supermarket giant ASDA used his music for their summer national advertising campaign.

Shirty Mastering
619 South College Avenue
Fort Collins