“Finish My Song” Package

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If you’re making music at home and it’s a struggle to call something “done” then our “Finish My Song” package is for you.

Share your work-in-progress with us (by Google Drive / WeTransfer) and we’ll share expert mix and production tips to help you finish your song and then we’ll master it for you too.

Our “Finish My Song” package is $110 per track

You’ll get:

1. A Music Consultation

Where we’ll give you expert advice by email on:

  • Your mix: Dynamics, tonal balance, EQ and placement of instruments in the stereo field.
  • Your recording technique.
  • If anything could be added to the production to give more polish.
  • The emotional impression your track creates vs the intended impression.
  • Your song arrangement (if requested).

Once we send you this feedback, take the advice that you want to take and make the tweaks you want to make and then send us your new final mix for mastering.

2. Our Mastering

  • We’ll then master your music to make it sound loud, powerful and polished.
  • We’ll ask you for a reference track (by another artist you love) that you’d like you music to stand next to, and not sound out of place with when played played back-to-back.

3. A Review Stage

  • Listen to the master we’ve created and share your feedback with us.
  • We’ll revisit the master and address any points you’ve made.
  • Or, if you are completely happy with the master, we’ll offer to re-run another version of your master free of charge (e.g. an instrumental version of your track) so you’ll take away two different versions of your mastered song.