Here at Shirty Mastering our mastering work has been featured on reputable blogs, in music magazines and on the radio, and our mastering service is comprehensive – this means that we can share tips on how to improve your final mix before we even get to mastering!

Our average turnaround time for masters is 24-48 hours.

Mastering – $45 per track

Our mastering service costs $45 per track. We offer discounts for EPs and albums.

Mastering (With Mix Advice) – $50 per track

If you’re looking for a mastering service with extra “icing on top”, our “Mastering (With Mix Advice)” service shares our suggestions for how to improve your final mix for mastering, before we get to mastering your song. Just make the tweaks you want to make and then send us your amended final mix for mastering.

How to Master Your Music With Us

Submit a track for mastering and also a link to a reference track – something created by an artist you love and that you want your music to sound good alongside.

Share your files with us electronically (to “”) using Google Drive or WeTransfer.

More About Mastering

Mastering is the final stage of the music production process.

When you have a mastered version of your song, you’re ready to upload to streaming sites, burn CDs and release your music for the whole world to hear.

Our mastering service costs $45 per track.

If you need different versions of your final mix to be mastered with the same mastering processing (for example, an instrumental version) we charge $20 per iteration after payment of the initial fee above.

We offer discounts for albums and EPs and we look forward to hearing your music!

Some Examples of Our Mastering

Before and After Mastering – Examples

Example One

Leyla Daze, Greylaw Hiveless. Mastered version starts at 19 seconds.

“Josh’s mastering process is detailed and professional– my track sounds so sparkly! Josh gave me very specific notes, and answered my questions with patience as I polished up my final mix. The track was elevated to a new level. Will definitely use Shirty Mastering again! “

Leyla Daze

Example Two

Shirty, Wave Patterns. Demo is 0 – 26 seconds. Final Mix is 27 – 56 seconds.
Mastered version starts at 57 seconds. Read more about this.

Rock and Roll Mastering

Here’s a finished master we created for Robert Shredford in August 2019. Read more about it here.