Make your music sound as good as the music you love.

$40 / track for mastering.

$50 / track when we give concise feedback on your final mix, and give you the option to make tweaks to your mix before we master your song.

Additional masters (for example, an instrumental version of your track) are charged at $20 per iteration after payment of the initial fee above.

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Read about why to choose us for your mastering.

“Mixing and Mastering” Package

Send us your stems and we’ll mix your song for you. We’ll tune your vocals (if applicable) and then we’ll master it too. We make you sound your best and deliver your track ready-to-release!

$120 / track – Up to 10 stems. (Includes 2 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

$160 / track – Up to 15 stems. (Includes 3 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

$200 / track – Up to 20 stems. (Includes 4 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

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“Finish My Song” Package

$100 / track. If you’re making music at home and it’s difficult to call something “done” then we’re here to help. We’ll assist you in finishing your song by sharing mix and production tips, and then later we’ll master your track too. This is an informative process in which you’ll receive our advice, and then you have the option to make tweaks to your track before sending it to us again for mastering. In the mastering stage we’ll realize the full potential of your track.

By purchasing the “Finish My Song” package, your recording, mixing and production skills will improve and you’ll take away a professionally finished track.

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Feedback on your Final Mix

$40 / track. Have you ever wanted to ask an expert “How can I improve my final mix?” Or, “How can I make my production sound better?” If so, we’re here to help. Send us your final mix and we’ll email you with technical tips and tweaks that you can make to enhance your sound. Your mixing skills and production skills will improve in the process.

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Ableton Live Lessons

$40 per hour, in person in Fort Collins, Colorado or online (via Zoom).

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, we teach music production lessons in the awesome, versatile and industry standard “Ableton Live”.

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DJ Lessons

$40 per hour, in person in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Learn how to DJ! You’ll also learn a great deal about music in the process.

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Music Production

$40 per hour. We’ll enhance your music by filling out your songs with more instruments, melodies and “ear-candy”. You can buy any number of “producer” hours to suit you, and in those hours we’ll create additional elements for your song(s) to help give them that “fully-produced” feel.

Please get in touch for a comprehensive quotation for your project.

Music Recording Studio / Tracking

We can record your band or solo recording project in Loveland, Colorado. Just contact us for a comprehensive (no obligation) quote and let us know:

  • how many songs you need to record
  • how many instruments per song
  • your musical genre

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Gift Certificates

Any of our packages can be given as a gift for the musician in your life. We supply physical and digital gift certificates of any value.

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