Professional Mixing & Mastering

If you’ve written and recorded a song, but making it sound comparable to similar artists is proving difficult, then our “Music Mixing and Mastering” Package is for you!

We’ll mix and master your song, delivering you a professional, ready-to-release track.

How It Works

We’ll ask you to provide a reference track to help guide our mixing and mastering work — just send us a link to a similar artist that you love to listen to.

Then, send us your stems (the recording of each individual instrument in your song) and we’ll mix your song for you, making all of the technical tweaks your music needs to sound its best.

Finally, we’ll master your song to make it sit perfectly when placed side-by-side in a playlist with the reference track you provided at the start.

Your track is now ready for release!


$180 / track – Up to 10 stems. (Includes 2 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

$240 / track – Up to 15 stems. (Includes 3 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

$300 / track – Up to 20 stems. (Includes 4 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

$360 / track – Up to 25 stems. (Includes 5 hours of mixing work, and 1 x Mastering)

If you are wondering what “stems” are, click here.

We look forward to polishing your music to an impressive shine, so you can share it with the world.

Some Examples of Music We’ve Mixed and Mastered


Q. My song doesn’t have stems and is a recording of a live performance. Can you help improve my sound?

A. Yes we can! Send us your recording and we’ll give it a listen and provide a no obligation quotation for the work that it needs.

Q. Can you provide constructive feedback on my track and give me some tips on how to mix it myself?

A. Yes, see our “Feedback on Your Final Mix” service or “Finish My Song” Package.

Q. What if my track isn’t yet a good enough standard to be mixed and mastered to get a great result?

A. We’ll be honest with you before we start the process, and instead suggest our “Feedback on Your Final Mix” service, where we’ll share advice on how to make your music sound better.