Feedback on My Final Mix


Send us your final mix and we’ll email you with technical tips and tweaks that you can make to enhance your music & mix. Your music production skills will improve through this process.



Have you ever wanted to ask an expert “How can I improve my final mix?”, “What can be improved in my arrangement?”, or, “How can I make my mix sound better?” If so, we’re here to help.

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(Note, this product is the same as “Music Consultation” and “Feedback on your Song”. It is listed under these three different names to cover all genres of musician.)

You are purchasing

  • 1 x Song Consultation

We will listen to your music with our expert ear, and send you constructive feedback on your recording – covering arrangement, mix and production. We will suggest technical tweaks to improve your sound, explaining clearly what to change (in your DAW) and how to change it. You will walk away with a better mix as well as new creative ideas to enhance your track.

What happens next

We will send you an email with a link to our uploader, where you will send us your song. If you have any questions, email, call or text us – we are here to help: / (+1) 970-372-2213