Start Producing Music in One Hour

Ableton Note Lessons

If you, or someone you know, would like to start making pop or electronic music, then this is for you!

This is a fun lesson, suitable for complete beginners with no previous experience of music making.

Our Ableton Note lessons can be given in person in Fort Collins, Colorado with all equipment provided, or online via Google Meet, anywhere in the world*.

*Online students need their own Apple device (iPad or iPhone) and to make a one-time purchase of Ableton Note for $5.99 (December 2023) prior to the lesson.

About Ableton Note

Ableton Note is a new, hands-on and fun, piece of music production software, suitable for complete beginners who want to learn how to start making music. (As a side note, Ableton Note is also a powerful and productive app for experienced musicians who want to explore new musical ideas while away from the studio).

Ableton Note inspires creativity through its fun design and layout. It allows the user to quickly create many great sounding musical ideas – by tapping on instruments on their device’s screen, and layering and recording sounds.

It also contains an ingenious way of easily organizing melodies and drum patterns, to create impressive musical arrangements with professional quality sound, right from your iPhone or iPad!

Get Acquainted With Ableton Live By Starting With Ableton Note

Ableton Note is a great way to get acquainted with Ableton Live – an industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) used by top music producers.

Ableton Note has a similar look and feel to Ableton Live and ideas created in Ableton Note can later be transferred to Ableton Live.

If you have the music production bug after taking this lesson, we offer in depth Ableton Live lessons.

What’s Covered in The Lesson?

This is a fun lesson aimed at people with no experience of music or music making.

During the lesson we’ll show you around Ableton Note. Then, we’ll make simple music by using the built in instruments and samples (and you cannot go wrong, this software is designed to be fun and encourage experimentation), and finally, we’ll show you how to use Ableton Note to arrange your first ditty!

This lesson can also be given in the form of a digital gift certificate for your loved one.


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