Fort Collins Songwriters’ Workshop

A songwriting meetup group in Fort Collins, Colorado

Last updated 14th November 2023

Upcoming Meetings

Wednesday December 6th, 2023 – 7pm start, ends 9pm


The Fort Collins Songwriters’ Workshop, a free, friendly and productive group for musicians and songwriters in Northern Colorado.

Join us to workshop your latest song, and share your constructive feedback on other people’s work.

We meet the on the first Wednesday of every month at The Purple Cup Café, 1119 W Drake Road, Fort Collins, CO, 80526 (at the intersection of Drake and Shields) from 6:45pm.

How to Take Part

Just show up! We’re a friendly group and we welcome new group members.

Please enjoy a drink or snack in the café to thank The Purple Cup Café for hosting us.

Bring along a guitar, or any other instrument that you need to play your song.

Recordings of your track on a phone or computer are also welcome and can be plugged in (or connected by bluetooth) to our speaker.

Please print out 6-10 copies of your lyrics and bring them with you, to share with the group when you share your song.

Latecomers are welcome but a chance to present your song is not guaranteed.

Any questions? Contact Josh Shirt: / 970-372-2213

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Group Rules

The following rules help to maintain a productive space for everyone:

  1. No one in the group is an authority, we are all equal and share the same aims – to improve in our songwriting and to help others to do the same.
  2. Take all feedback with a pinch of salt. If you receive feedback that is helpful to you, great – the group is doing it’s job! If you receive feedback that isn’t helpful, please just disregard it when you return to your song to make improvements. All art is subjective.
  3. Giving feedback is encouraged. Please contribute well-intentioned & helpful (constructive) feedback within the group. Aim to keep feedback concise and on topic. If you can’t think of any feedback to give, that’s fine too!
  4. The group is a space to share useful ideas, and all feedback shared within the group is shared free of charge. No writer credits are needed if you use someone else’s feedback to improve your song. By sharing ideas openly and engaging in discussion we can all potentially benefit and become better songwriters.
  5. Poetry and prose writers welcome.

Join the Mailing List

We send an email once a month confirming the date and time of the next workshop. If you’d like to get these emails, sign up here. You can cancel at anytime and we won’t share your details.