Music Production and Mix Tips (Music Consultation)

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Share your song / work-in-progress with us electronically using Google Drive or WeTransfer and we will send you music production and mix advice.

We’ll lend a fresh pair of trained ears to your song and suggest how it can be improved, both musically and technically, keeping the music of your favorite artists in mind. We’ll also advise if your music is ready for mastering (and if it isn’t we’ll give suggestions.)

Some things we focus on:

  • The mix (dynamics, tonal balance, EQ and placement of instruments in the stereo field)
  • Recording technique
  • Layering (could anything be added to the production to give more polish)
  • The emotional impression the track creates vs the intended impression
  • Song arrangement

When You Get a Music Consultation

1) We’ll send you a questionnaire about your song by email

2) E-mail it back to us and link a similar song that you love

3) We’ll listen closely and we’ll send you suggestions for how you can improve your sound

Music Consultations are $50 per track.

‘By following nine steps I regularly turn musical ideas (phone recordings / short loops) into fully polished, professionally finished tracks. When music is sent to me, I think about this sequence in order to share with artists how and where they can improve their music.’

– Josh Shirt, Music Producer and Mastering Engineer @ Shirty Mastering