Start Producing Music in One Hour (Ableton Note Lesson)


Learn how to use Ableton Note.

Ableton Note is a new, hands-on and most importantly, fun, piece of music production software, suitable for complete beginners who want to learn how to start making music. (As a side note, Ableton Note is also a powerful and productive app for experienced musicians who want to quickly and intuitively create new musical ideas).



We will teach you how to start producing music in one hour, in Ableton Note!

Being experts in Ableton Live with over 20 years experience, we are now also regularly creating music with the similar Ableton Note.

Ableton Note, as music software, is inspiring in its design and allows the user to quickly create many musical ideas – by tapping on instruments on their device’s screen, and layering and recording sounds.

It contains an ingenious way of easily organising melodies and drum patterns, to create impressive musical arrangements, with professional-quality sound.

Furthermore, Ableton Note is a great introduction to the iconic Ableton Live – an industry standard DAW (digital audio workstation) for music producers and pop stars. Ideas created in Ableton Note can later be further developed in Ableton Live (and we offer Ableton Live lessons, if you get the music production bug after taking this lesson!)

When You Purchase This Lesson

Within one working day, you will receive a personalised digital gift certificate to pass onto your loved one (or use yourself!)

This holiday-themed gift certificate includes details of how to contact us to arrange the lesson.

For the lesson, we can meet in person in Fort Collins, Colorado, or online via Zoom.

During the one hour lesson, we cover:

How to use Ableton Note
How to record instruments
How to record samples
How to arrange a song

Note: An iPhone or iPad is needed to take this lesson. The software will need to be purchased by the student before the lesson at a cost of $5.99 (December 2023), once purchased, it it theirs to keep. We provide full instructions of how to purchase this.

If you have any questions, please email us: